Renovation with a plan

For everyone involved in construction or renovation

ProGresto helps to manage the renovation process and keep financial records.

ProGresto Проект

Whether you are a customer, a designer or a builder, the renovation will go according to plan and will not wear you out either financially or emotionally. Make weighted decisions, save time and resources. Plan your budget and keep track of costs with ProGresto.

ProGresto will help you to keep on track
ProGresto will help you create a step-by-step template for your project from start to finish. No need to search and check for each task in order to keep on top of your project. Informative dashboard notifies you about all recent changes and activities: finished task, new documents, expenses, comments and questions.
Детальный план ремонта
Detailed project
of events and actions
monitoring and control
ProGresto will help you to plan your budget and keep track of your spending
With the ProGresto app, you can see the full picture of your costs, compare it with the original financial plan and adjust it if needed. you don't need to count yourself, the application will do it for you. Everything is saved in one place so you don't need to store paper copies. Create a list of everything you need for repairs at each stage of work - with dates and prices.
cost management
ProGresto helps to keep you organized
All repair documents - contracts, projects, drawings, photos, receipts, scope of work, estimates are kept in one place - the ProGresto app. They are easy to find - no need to endlessly scroll through the history of chats and messages. Attach receipts and exchange documentation in a couple of clicks.
doc exchange
Easy search
of files and docs
Everything is kept
in one place
ProGresto helps you keep track of agreements and deadlines
The project is structured as a list of tasks, each with a responsible person and due date. You can see everything related to a task, including its status, costs, dialogues, and documents. It is easy to ask questions of the responsible person without involving others. All dialogues, agreements, and reports are saved, making the project transparent.
Task's list
with responsables and due dates
Full visibility
of the task
Direct link
with the responsable
How does it work?
1. Register in the app
2. Create a project
3. Create the list of tasks
4. Invite people into your project
5. Assign responsibilities and due dates to each task
6. Keep track on project progress and costs
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